Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son could not stand having dad’s bodybuilding supremacy questioned: ‘Do not know in the event you’d even beat Lou[ Ferrigno]”

The legend Arnold Schwarzenegger received the title of Mr. Universe to be on top with all his achievements. Years of sweat and hard work made him achieve all the titles of bodybuilding. From attending business school to achieving the title of Mr. Olympia, a true inspiration to not only his fans but all people. And … Read more

An higher physique Kettlebell exercise to construct energy and stability

When you think about kettlebell trainingcan your mind go right swing. And that’s understandable, given that it’s such a functional exercise for cyclists, especially those looking to build strength in their the lower body. But kettlebells offer so much variety and not just for your legs. Take this kettlebell upper body workout for example. Kettlebells, … Read more

What occurs to your health as you age – and what you are able to do about it

It’s normal to feel some aches and pains as we get older, but the announcement last month that England all-rounder Ben Stokes has quit ODI (One Day International) cricket, because at 31, he feels his body is “failing me”, shows that the decline may start earlier than we think. Stokes blames his punishing schedule but … Read more