What’s going to it take for Japan to embrace plant-based meat?

An increasing number of people in Japan have been eating plant-based meat in recent years, a trend that will rise further in the face of changing diets and an aging population. Market experts say the combination of an expected increase in international visitors, increasing demand for healthier food options amid the covid-19 pandemic and the … Read more

Tips on how to Enhance Your Dopamine Ranges Naturally

Dopamine is a type of chemical found in the brain called a neurotransmitter. These are chemical messengers that send information between neurons. Dopamine is used in reward and pleasure responses. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that controls your feelings of motivation and reward. Too much or too little dopamine causes immediate imbalances in your health and … Read more

A person who took too many excessive doses of B nutritional vitamins loses the power to stroll

An Australian man lost the ability to walk after taking 70 times the recommended daily dose of vitamin B6. According to his daughter, Alison Taylor, the 86-year-old had been living independently when a blood test showed he was low in vitamin B6, resulting in his doctor prescribing a 50 milligram supplement. Taylor told ABC Radio … Read more

The Greatest Meals For Males Awards 2022

Food prices have risen. Like, wow up. But tightening your grocery budget shouldn’t come at the expense of healthy eating. That’s why we asked some of our favorite dietitians about the foods that provide the most nutrition for your hard-pressed buck. (And, of course, we taste-tested each one to ensure deliciousness.) The first 20 items … Read more

Plant-based meat and dairy alternate options profit well being and the surroundings

Share on PinterestResearch suggests that plant-based meat can be good for our health and the environment. Image credit: Bloomberg Creative/Getty Images. The plant-based meat and dairy alternative markets have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. Researchers from the University of Bath found evidence to suggest that these products are better for both our health and … Read more